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     Moving Services

Long Distance Residential Moving Services

An interstate move is also referred to as a long distance move. This type of move involves crossing state lines. The charges for transportation are specifically based on the items you ship. Your possessions are consolidated onto tractor-trailers for interstate shipments. As such, delivery times can vary. If you are interested in a guaranteed delivery time, Countrywide Relocation has Guaranteed Delivery Service available. There are also material charges for any moving supplies you may need from the moving company (e.g. packing supplies, additional boxes, etc.).

Commercial Move

At Countrywide Relocation, our Commercial Division is committed to maintaining productivity for your company during the entire moving process. Rest assured, our Business Relocation Coordinators will ensure a smooth transition into your new location with the best  commercial relocation services.

A successful commercial relocation begins with a carefully laid out plan that outlines how all the details and  commercial  handled by our relocation team. Planning a commercial move begins with a free consultation with one of our Relocation Coordinators, who will walk through your facility to inventory the items that are being moved and learn about your needs relating to the relocation.

After the site visit, the relocation specialist will survey the building to determine the time and labor necessary to accomplish the move with maximum efficiency. Special attention is paid to entrance/exit points, elevator requirements and building protection issues. Based on the information gathered during the site survey, your consultant will develop a move schedule with a detailed timeline that explains our recommendations for carrying out the move in the most efficient manner. Please tell your moving coordinator any special needs you may have or commercial relocation services you require.

Upon receipt of approved floor plans from your relocation coordinator, Countrywide Relocation will set up a color coding system which will properly identify all items to be transferred and their exact locations at the new premises. This system will expedite "picking out" effects at the old premises and facilitate spot location in your new offices.

Based on the color coding system, your Planning Team will develop an intricate move schedule that sets dates and times for carton deliveries, tagging and marking, packing, building protection and the actual move. At that point, your move consultant will begin the process of reserving vehicles, equipment and labor for your move. In addition to that, we will contact building management of origin and destination locations to secure elevator reservations and prepare certificates of insurance.

Countrywide Relocation will provide you with the most efficient commercial move. We pride ourselves on the detailed planning and execution of our commercial relocations.

Art and Piano Move

Countrywide Relocation  offers specialized fine art movers for the irreplaceable items in your life. Whether you're moving artwork, moving antiques or moving a piano, our fine art movers have the expertise to provide a safe and successful move.

Custom Crating
Our trained fine art movers assess your artwork and build custom crates. While moving artwork, our fine art movers use specialized materials, supplies and padding to suit upon the unique needs and composition of the piece.

Worldwide Shipping and Customs Clearance
Countrywide Relocation offers fine art moving interstate . If you are moving antiques or artwork overseas, our fine art movers can assist you with customs regulations and documentation. Additionally, our expert packers and custom crates comply with all international standards.

Moving Antiques
Countrywide Relocation excels in moving antiques providing custom crating and expertly securing your antiques for transportation. Our fine art movers will help pack and unpack your antiques from start to finish using heavy padding for protection.

Moving Pianos
Our fine art movers are experienced in moving pianos with proper packing and crating in an enclosed truck to ensure successful transit. Our fine art movers can assist you in moving a piano safely.

We are experience and equipped to provide all your fine art moving across the country.

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